WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: which way to go?

Everybody and their mom has a website nowadays it seems. You too can jump on the virtual bandwagon. It’s easy! Whether you’re a business owner in need of a website or someone considering starting a personal blog just for fun, I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress. It’s considered to be the most popular and easy-to-use […]

What is Webhosting : understand the different hosting servers for your needs

What is Webhosting? When you develop a website, the webhosting service provides the foundation. The webhost is where your files are stored for visitors to access. When someone visits your site, it is the information stored on the webhosting servers that is accessed. In a sense, it’s much like setting up land in order to […]

Why using WordPress for your website is a no-brainer?

Heard about Wordpress ? You want to create your own website ? You wonder if it is worth a try? I started my first blogs in 2006 with a free platform (Centerblog) that made it very easy and intuitive, even for a complete beginner like me at that time. The design options were very limited and […]